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Patent an Idea

patent an idea
Get your idea into a form that you can file, following the pointers below. Note that there are various pitfalls with this "do-it-yourself" approach, which can be avoided to varying extents.
How to prepare your draft:
  • Read through the IPO's excellent information on Applying for a Patent.
  • Use my template file as a framework, and replace the text in each section with a description of your invention. For further assistance, there are a number of helpful factsheets available from the IPO that you can refer to which describe each section in more detail:
What to do with your draft:
You may apply directly yourself directly at the IPO, sending your draft and Form 1 either by post, fax or online submission.
A patent application, often referred to as a provisional application, gives your invention provisional protection for a year after filing. But you can only enforce your rights once your patent is granted. It also means tha: if someone applies for a patent for the same notion after the date on which your application is filed, and your application goes on to publish, they will not be able to obtain a patent for the same invention. Equally of course, any applications filed before today that cover the same or a similar concept would prevent you from obtaining one. But it means you can approach investors, show prototypes, and market your invention without fear of it being "stolen". There is value however in keeping your innovation confidential, and using a suitable Non-Disclosure Agreement in your dealings with investors. And if you "improve" on the concept you have disclosed in the provisional application, you should ensure that these improvements are protected in further provisional applications before disclosing them publicly.
Further action after filing:
Note that at this stage no searches have been made, but the IPO can be asked to do one. This costs £180 (including the application fee of 30) and provides you with a report on what other people have done in the area. If you have a good knowledge of the field, you may be happy to have this done later.
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